Trip Summary: Washington DC 9.30 - 10.2

Greetings from our nation's capital!

We drove down here on Wednesday morning. As we entered the city limits, I turned to Hubby and said "I am happy we were here together in our nation's capital," in complete Forrest Gump voice and all. After listening to me chatter for three hours, he finally cracked a real smile.

We stayed at the West End Washington Marriott, blocks from Georgetown and Dupont Circle. Nice area. The city is cleaner and friendlier than my last visit. Upon arrival, we were given a smaller room than we reserved for the conference...with two small double beds. A call to the desk and some polite Missus P talking later, we were bumped into our requested king room, which is very nice.

Hubby had some sessions to attend so I spent the first three hours here desperately looking to find the best restaurant in walking distance. I was too hungry to walk anywhere far, but I wanted to be sure we were eating somewhere noteworthy. We are into that sort of thing. Also, as I had no category guidelines, we were up for pretty much anything...with over 1200 restaurants listed on TripAdvisor in the city alone, it was a real research project. I selected an Italian restaurant and it didn't pan out well; while the food was good, the ambiance was amateur but the bill considerable. Enough on that, if you want the full review, I'll link you to Trip Advisor.

After dinner, we walked the mile or so to Georgetown to walk the main thoroughfare, M Street. It was a lovely walk past lots of shops and restaurants; we quite enjoyed it. Hubby saw two large rats, though, and that was less than enjoyable. I was surprised, never having seen a rat, that they'd be so close to people without cause for concern. How little I know! Highlight of the evening was meeting Ricky, a 13 week old Boston Terrier whose mom was a complete doll and let me love up her pup while blathering about my own two bad boys and how much their momma misses them. Poor Ricky's little foot got trampled by a woman walking past -- she was mortified but poor Ricky was okay. It was awful and I kept hearing his little cry all night; it made my stomach turn. I know it was an accident but I just love animals so much.

Today, Hubby had a big presentation to give, so after snacking on some Fig Newtons and in room coffee, I joined his group to hear it. (He did very well!) After his presentation I slipped out and wandered the streets for about, oh, three hours or so. Mostly because I only have a basic grasp of the layout of the city, and mostly because try as I might, I couldn't get near the White House. Turns out they are giving out some Congressional Medals today and everyone is being rerouted. So after hours of wandering, I ducked in to another highly rated restaurant, hoping for better. I was delighted with that choice! Again, more specifics on Trip Advisor. My travel Bible.

Now I'm waiting on the Mister to return once again so that we can head over to a little reception, then jump in the car and head to Alexandria for a walking ghost tour and possible dinner, shopping. I'll update as we go. Missing my pooches!

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