Trip Summary Part Duex: Washington DC 9.30 - 10.2

So where did I leave off? Hmmm...

Last night, we hit the reception for a quick show of face, terrible glass of Pinot and a few conversations and then we snuck out again to venture into Alexandria.

I. Am. In. Love. OMG. Alexandria is one of the most charming places I've ever visited. Everyone in Old Town lives in a townhome but I could totally see myself there (even though I'd miss my yard!). Brick and cobblestone, gas lamps, shoppes and cafes, structures dating back to colonial times...that special smell you get with wet brick and stone and ivy...I was in my glory.

We walked the streets for a half hour or so at dusk, then joined our walking ghost tour, complete with artsy guide who carried a lantern and spoke with a flourish just a little too over the top, but not so much as to be obnoxious. We walked the streets as she told us tidbits about farming, the colonies, architecture of the times (yay) and of course, about a few untimely deaths and the haunting that has been reported since.

After an hour and a half of that, she "abandoned" us in a graveyard. We took our leave of the crowd and searched for a restaurant where we could have a late dinner. Highlight of my night: searching the boutiques, I happened upon some Boston Terrier art and snapped up two pop art Marc Tetro prints featuring my favorite breed. I'm not a huge pop art person and don't usually do primary colors but these prints are so eye catching and capture so much spirit, I had to own them. http://www.marctetro.com/

Anyway, back to food! We eyeballed a few menus before selecting Geranio. Good choice! I can link you to Trip Advisor for more info on that meal, but suffice to say we were very pleased and full when we left at 11 p.m. (Yes, it was a late night for us -- we are usually asleep by then!). I must say that the streets of Alexandria were so nice and safe, I didn't feel my characteristic sense of dread walking on deserted streets at night.

I came away knowing there is yet another place in the world where I could see myself living. And isn't that a good feeling? For me it is comforting.

Today I'm packing things up here at the hotel and drooling over the thought of all the doggie kisses I'll be receiving when I get home. Cannot wait.

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