Summer Pasta

I sort of eyeball it so bear with me -- and your quantities will really depend on how much you want to make - but they work together well no matter what.


Boil pasta in salted water in pot.

In a skillet:

I saute some white onions chopped how you like them in a pan with a little healthy oil (I use canola). I salt the onions slightly. I then add some scallions. You can throw in chives if you like them, too. Or Basil. Let that simmer because the onions take the longest to soften -- you don't want to brown them, just soften a little - look for translucence and a nice aroma.

Then I add chopped green peppers to the mix (as many as you like, really). Let that soften up to your liking. Last but not least, throw in some tomatoes and let them warm up.

Remove from the heat, toss with drained pasta. Add crumbles of feta or Gorgonzola to taste -- or add shaved or grated Parmesan, those work very well also.

Any or all things are optional, it really works no matter because of the onions and the oil and the cheese at the end. I rarely measure with this recipe -- it's just a light oil and some cheese and all the veggies you really want (I like a lot!). I make it a little different every time but so far have yet to make a bad one! Don't be afraid to experiment...and enjoy. It's a nice light summer meal you can make from things that store well and are staple items in your summer fridge.

What you'll need to fix it:
Pasta pot
Saute Pan
Pasta Stir

What you'll need from the fridge:
Oil - canola, olive, whatever
Green Onion
Peppers - green, red, whatever
Feta or Gorgonzola Cheese

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