The Myth of You & Me

The Myth of You & Me
By Leah Stewart

Ok. There were several things about this book that weirded me out. However there were several things that I really enjoyed that offset that weirdness.

This book was so interesting I could barely put it down, despite the above "flaws," which could just be my preferences. As far as 'chick' fiction goes, this was a fortuitous stumble -- I liked the cover, and the gamble panned out. This book was really well written, nicely detailed and allowed you to really get lost in her picture and enjoy her turn of the written word -- and an interesting plot, too boot. I delved right in, downing the whole book in about a day and a half of on and off reading. I truly enjoyed it for what it was. But then again, I guess I have a reason why this one hit home for me. Lost friendship is a subject I come back to again and again. This book deals with relationships with insight (in most instances), shows some interesting "tug of war" situations within the female relationship that I think most women can really understand. But also something that is seldom addressed -- something that I dwell on personally that brings me shame and uncertainty because of my preoccupation.

Weird: touchy relationship with elderly man, wrapped up with a bow romantic tie in and ending, sucker punch dog rescue to make leading man dashing, lack of family resolution

I recommend this book for the beach, a nice curl up and relax, bubble bath. It was fun to get lost in for a while.

Favorite quotes: "...that all you know of a life are the places where it touches your own."

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