Find: Rimmel Mascara

I tell everyone of my girlfriends how happy I am with this mascara -- not only is it relatively inexpensive as far as drug store makeup is concerned, but it is also super effective and lengthening and curling my lashes and holding all day.

Extra Super Lash is my favorite. It's around $4 and I really can't say enough about it. Unlike the unrealistic commercials the makeup industry puts on air showing eyelashes magically tripling (yet somehow you can always see they are falsies), this mascara really does increase the thickness, curl and drama of my eyelashes.

I have also used (am currently using) Eye Magnifier. This one does much the same but with a funny rubbery nubbed brush that sort of pricks at your eye lid during application. At first it bothered me, now it sort of feels good. Weird, right? If your eyes are sensitive, this may not be the one for you. But if you have itchy eyelids due to allergies like I do...this may hit the spot! :)

I am unsure if the above are animal tested but find it's likely that they are in part or as a finished product since I can find refutation of that fact. :(

PS Speaking of makeup...as anyone noticed Drew Barrymore's face in her Maybelline commercial? I mean, seriously? She's ORANGE. Is it supposed to be funny? Take a pretty girl and make her look like she's wearing clown makeup so she can shill for tasteful beauty? Yeah. I doubt anyone is born with the skin tone she's rockin' in that commercial.

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