Butternut Squash Soup September 2009

This is a filling, fiber friendly and healthy fall/winter belly warmer. I make enough for a few dinners, or a dinner and some lunches. I haven't frozen any yet because it gets eaten much too quickly but would love to try. This soup is also great because you dirty a minimum dish quotient, which is a big plus in my kitchen.


  1. Prechop your veggies first, as this is most time consuming, separating the potatoes, turnips, carrots and squash from the other items.*

  2. Put the butter or margarine in the soup pot, begin heating to melt and coat the pan bottom. Add garlic, onions, green onions and celery.

  3. Warm all over medium heat -- stirring and watching your garlic (if you go too hot or leave unattended it will burn) -- look for softness, a nice aroma and some translucence in the onions. Add some salt and fresh cracked pepper to your preference (you can always add more later!)

  4. Add your chopped veggie medley to the soup pot: potatoes, turnips, carrots, butternut squash. Saute, stirring often. I like to let it really simmer for about 20-25 minutes to soften the turnips and potatoes. Around 15 minutes in, you can add a half cup of white wine to the pot, continue stirring periodically, if you like the white wine taste....if not you can skip it, I have made it both ways.

  5. After around 25 minutes, I like to pre-mash this mixture with a potato masher. This is not necessary but makes pureeing later easier. Use care with the hot mixture.

  6. Add chicken or vegetable broth to cover the vegetables, 32 to 42 oz or so. Stir and bring to a boil. Boil, stirring periodically, for 15 - 25 minutes or so. Your looking for it to begin looking like a thicker soup.

  7. Now, using care, transfer the soup in batches into a blender. Liquefy and transfer into another container until you've finished pureeing the entire pot.

Garnish with a sprinkle of garlic salt for a little spicy/salty/crunchy kick with your first bite. Great served with a crusty loaf of bread -- I like the "take and bake" variety so it's nice and warm.
Serves: 6 - 8

What you need to fix it:
Cutting Board
Sharp chopping knife
Spoon (or ice cream spoon)
Soup Pot
Mixing Bowl for reserved root veggies
Potato Masher
Wooden Soup Spoon
Another soup container (post puree serving bowl)
What you need from the fridge:
2 tbsp margarine or butter
About a half bulb of Garlic, shelled and sliced -- I use a half bulb, crushed or sliced longways
2 Onions, chopped
1/2 c chopped Scallions (optional)
1/2 c chopped Celery
1/2 c White wine (optional)

1 c chopped Carrots
3 Potatoes, chopped and with skin
2 Turnips, chopped
1 medium to large Butternut Squash, deseeded, peeled and chopped

32 - 42 oz. Chicken Broth

* Butternut Pointer: Half the squash. Gut the seeds with an ice cream scooper or tablespoon. Use a sharp knife to remove skin, moving from top to bottom, watching your fingers, of course. Trim the bottom skin separately around the curves, where it's tricky. Dry the seeds to plant next summer, if you feel like it. I throw mine out for the squirrels if I don't dry them ;)

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